Range Two – 300 Yard High Power Rifle

Range hours are 9:00 am until ½ hour prior to sunset, 365 days a year. The range may be closed for training or special events sponsored by the Club.

Range #2 is the 200/300 yard high power rifle range located between Range #3 (steel range) and Range #1 (common 100 yd range). Only LRPC members may fire on Range #2 (referred to as R2). Non-members are not permitted to fire on R2 except during a LRPC Board-sanctioned match or activity. Steel targets are positioned at 200, 250 and 300 hundred yards. Paper targets are provided at the 300 yard position.

Members must pass a qualification/safety course and prove competency and knowledge of establishing range zeroes at 100 yd and 300 yd firing distances. They must also demonstrate their ability to fire at each distance and maintain a consecutive 5 shot group no greater than 12” at 100 yd and 36″ at 300 yd distances. All members satisfactorily completing this qualification course will be issued appropriate credentials to signify clearance for R2 usage.