At the Lorain Rifle and Pistol Club, safety goes hand in hand with marksmanship. Just as the club is passionate about the shooting sports, we are also passionate about safety. The club strives to teach and instill safe practices, not only to our members but also their guests. We understand that safe firearm practices are not just an understanding of safety rules but also a knowledge of firearm operation, concentration, practice and a safety mindset. We believe there is always more to learn, and we can always be safer. In order to become a member of the club, individuals must attend a four-hour orientation which includes both classroom and live fire exercises. We believe this is the best way to introduce individuals to our club and help them to teach others. In addition to safe practices, the club believes we need to be prepared in case of safety failure. In light of that, we offer our members and guests a “stop the bleed” class as well as providing first aid kits on every range. Hopefully we may never need these skills at the range, but they are good life skills that may be useful in many other circumstances.

LRPC General Rules and Regulations

Range Safety Rules